You experience the lack of software specialists on a daily basis.
Einsteino is a tool for every company to use the existing software development capacities 30% more effectively. How?
Einsteino works with objects which are understood by machines exactly. This allows your software developers to focus on developing applications without worrying about the details of language processing. Encapsulation is the magic word.

Einsteino was invented 2022 in Berlin. As a newcomer in ChatGPT and inflationary AI times, it is very, very difficult for the Einsteino team to talk to decision-makers. This is why I support Einsteino and establish industry customer contacts. Why should you invest time to meet Einsteino? Independence of AI from the USA. Made in Germany. More potential Save costs. Best regards. Jens. Feel free to contact us here: Email

Einsteino inspired me to do a journalistic AI and lifetime extension experiment. 168 pages of entertainment, excitement, with ChatGPT and Frankenstein playing key roles. You will never forget the first 3 lines in your life. Reading sample here. Reading dates and order hardcover from the printed first edition here.